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Ms. of the world - 2005 there was a representative of Iceland

The representative of Iceland 21-years Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir is crowned as the most beautiful girl of a planet - « Ms. of the world - 2005 ».

Unnur was born in the Capital Reykjavik but grew up in a small town called Seltjarnarnes. In Iceland you can see a tremendous icecap, several glaciers, spouting geysers, steaming solfataras, volcanoes (hopefully dormant), raging rivers and magnificent waterfalls, a multitude of birds and cavorting whales. Iceland can boast of many offbeat sports and attracts many visitors as Summers are surprisingly warm and winters not as cold as you might expect. For the past year Unnur has been studying anthropology at the University and next fall she will commence her studies in Law as she plans to graduate as a lawyer as well as an anthropologist. She is chairman of the college social club and teaches dance, she also enjoys acting, singing, all types of dancing, snow-boarding, hiking, camping, horsemanship and has a special talent for choreography and playing the piano. During her summer holidays this year Unnur was working as a police officer at the airport. Her favourite motto is “You are what you do” or “You are what you make”.
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